To say I’m proud to be a part of a company that celebrates its 100th anniversary is an understatement. We’ve come a long way from when my dad Jack Harper Sr., founded the company is 1919. We’ve survived the great depression, wars, the technical revolution and a fire that burned our building and equipment to the ground in 1970. The reason we’re still here is our people and persistence. We’ve been privileged to employ a very special group of people and work with an impressive list of customers and suppliers who’ve made us strive to constantly ask ourselves – “How can we be better”? “What’s next”? Although our business has evolved over the years as a function of necessity, what’s stayed the same is our commitment to excellence and integrity. I’ve always said, “Do what you say you’re going to do and do it well.” I think we’ve done that in spades, and I want to thank each and every person who’s been a part of our 100-year history.



Overcoming Great Odds

Jack Harper Sr learns the printing trade while at the Thornwell Orphanage in South Carolina. Once eighteen, he moves to Texas where he eventually becomes a reporter for The Dallas Morning News and then co-founder of Harper-Snow Engraving....


A Legacy Cut in Copper and Zinc

Jack Harper Sr. and partner Vernon Snow open Harper-Snow Engraving Co. in downtown Dallas....


A New Standard of Excellence

Jack Sr. buys out Vernon Snow, adds an art studio and purchases Standard Engraving, changing the company’s name to Harper Standard Engraving....


Forward Thinking Focus

Harper Standard Engraving is among the first photoengravers to buy its own “cold ad mat” equipment....


The Heir Apparent

Jack Sr. and Louise May welcome the long awaited ‘future’ manager of Harper-Standard Engraving, Jack Jr....


Branching Out

Already equipped with engraving capabilities, a step and repeat machine is added and plaques, etched out of silver, gold or bronze become big sellers....


Capitalizing on the Novelty of the Era

Harper begins to diversify and broaden the company’s services to include an advertising specialties division, Harper Standard Novelty....


Following Destiny

After Jack Jr. graduates from Southern Methodist University, he discovers the family business is in financial trouble and immediately jumps in to help manage the business.


A Bright Future

Jack Jr. is given full control to run the family business and finds ways to cut costs and rebuild what was quickly becoming a dying business model....


Seizing the moment

Harper Standard moves to make way for Dallas City hall and purchases their first property....


Beginning a New Era in Full Color

Jack recruits Omer Steele and together they learn color separations which is pivotal in the future of the Harper Standard....


Harper Standard Burns to the Ground

April 30, 1970, Harper Standard Engraving’s new facility is devastated by fire and completely burns to the ground. Jack commissions the work, Phoenix Rising From The Ashes, by renowned artist Bart Forbes to commemorate their struggle and eventual resurgence....


From the Ashes

With a newly rebuilt state of the art facility, the company continues its trend to innovation with the area’s first 30” x 40” process camera and is among the first in the country to install a Crosfield color scanner. The company changes its name from Harper Standard Engraving to Harper House, as engraving had become a small part of its product mix....


Rolling Ahead at Full Speed

Harper House accelerates its use of new technologies, adding early pagination and retouching systems. Along with high end scanners for color separations, Harper House now offers complete premedia services all under one roof....


Welcoming the Mac Revolution

Harper House became an early adopter of the Macintosh computer which led to a completely new desktop publishing workflow by the end of the decade....


The Digital Decade

Harper House is one of the first in the country to adopt variable data digital printing, in which elements such as text, graphics and images can be changed from one printed piece to the next without slowing down the printing process....


The Legacy Continues

Caroline Harper Büenger joins the family business in 1996 and after 20 plus years, Caroline now VP & Office manager, has come to know her true passions – employee relations and customer satisfaction, as well as preserving the company image and business continuation....


Print Ready

Harper House acquires RE: Graphics, adding 4/C printing to their product mix...


Full House

Harper purchases Tom Lout Creative and now offers complete marketing communications to our clients from start to finish....


Full Service Digital Photography

Harper House opens a state of the art a photography studio, offering full-service photography including tabletop, fashion, food, location, set building and styling capabilities....


Digital Revolution

We begin selling technology solutions such as world-wide image databases and 3D animated phone spins to fortune 500 clients, such as Nokia & Microsoft.


Exceeding Imagination

Harper House merges its Prepress, Creative, Photography and Print locations together in order to seamlessly offer creative solutions to its growing list of International clients....


Confident Captain

Brandin Davis is named VP and COO, with the goal to provide real-world solutions to our customers while improving the lives of the Harper family...


Dynamic Creative

Harper eliminates printing equipment and focuses on its core competency – creative, premedia and technology. Concepting for private label packaging and art directing CGI room scenes become the new backbone of success....


The Next Frontier

Harper House continues to grow with the implementation of CGI. We’re creating room scenes and product renderings completely engineered from CAD drawings and 3D imagery, along with an artist’s ‘touch’....


A Century of Infinite Possibilities

As we reflect on our centennial, we are grateful for where we are today and excited for what the future holds. There have been many members of the Harper House family and lives that have been touched by the work we accomplish. We give thanks to all those, past and present, who provide their talents, ideas and heart into making Harper House successful through the decades....

Please join us for cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and festivities as we commemorate our 100th anniversary.

Thursday, October 17 from 4-7 p.m.
10490 Shady Trail, Suite 104
Dallas, TX 75220

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