Making an impact since 1919.
We are Harper House – a dynamic creative agency providing real-world solutions for our clients’ complex marketing needs. As one of the nation’s leading multichannel agencies, we have the talent, expertise, and resources to take your brand to the next level.
We're the risk takers,
artists, scientists, technos, philosophers, strategists, pop-culture geeks, rule breakers, engineers, binge-watchers, musicians(well … air guitarists), architects, style-listas, problem solvers, caffeine junkies – and others we won’t mention – that make up the Harper House family.
We're also curious.
We like to take things apart, figure stuff out, put them back together; learn how it all works, make it better; high-five, chest bump and then do it all over again.
Why Harper House?
With a 99-year track record we have experience providing creative solutions in nearly every industry in every market. It takes teamwork and a dedicated group of professionals to consistently drive sales forward. The Harper House team thrives on the challenge to make each and every assignment the best it can be.
With proven business acumen, industry experience and tenacious attitude we are well equipped to overcome any hurdle along the way.
If there is one thing we do well, it’s coordination. We understand extreme deadlines and go the extra mile to meet needs and exceed expectations.
Harper House establishes client specific workflows and quality control procedures which, in return, optimizes our workflow and streamlines efficiencies.
Are you ready to bring the house? We are.